We are 24/7

We are a 24/7 organization caring for over 200 animals a day. We provide food, medical care, foster homes, adoption services, lost pet services, training and behavior assessments, community outreach, and education. Your Lehigh County Humane Society spends $27,000 per month on veterinary care alone. Each dog is given a plan and we work hard to train and socialize them. We invested in new, covered, outdoor runs. The dogs enjoy the breeze from the fans on hot days and the roof in bad weather. Multiple dogs socialize in these runs and on walks. Watching them play together is worth the visit. A new outdoor play yard was built in the Fall of 2018.

Today most of our dogs are housebroken and with the help of volunteers and trainers, they learn basic leash etiquette and simple commands. Our back areas provide a quiet place for animals, particularly cats, to get accustomed to the noises and smells of the shelter. Once they are comfortable, they are moved to a public cage and once socialized our cats enjoy condo living in the main room and communal living in the playrooms. Grooming is graciously provided by volunteer groomers and staff.

Our adoption rate is over 100 animals per week and every animal is neutered before they leave. The average stay for our animals is 4 months and the longest stay has been for over 2 years.

Our Mission

To provide a safe haven for ALL animals in the Lehigh Valley. To be the leading advocate for breeds such as pit bulls that often are left behind or ignored by other shelters. To provide state of the art medical care for all animals and to offer financial assistance to those pet owners that cannot afford services at for profit veterinary clinics. To match responsible pet seekers with their next best friend in order to find the perfect home for the animals in our care. 

vision Statement

We strive to become the best animal shelter organization in the Lehigh Valley. We seek to break down any and all financial barriers for those who seek to become forever companions for the animals in our care. We will work to reduce the number of homeless animals in the Lehigh Valley by educating the community, offering low cost medical services and through our adoption processes. We will continue to support prosecution of any and all reported animal cruelty cases and rescue and rehabilitate all animals that suffer from cruelty situations.