Founded in 1906 to provide a haven for homeless animals and to prevent cruelty to both animals and children


We Have a managed Admissions Policy

All homeless animals brought to our doors will find sanctuary. Upon entering the shelter, each animal is examined, vaccinated, housed and fed. Aggressive efforts are made to find each one of these animals new homes. Frequently, we collaborate with reputable adoption partners such as breed rescues and foster groups.

An Organization of Excellence

We employ a Humane Police Officer and have a staff of trained Animal Care Technicians for all areas of animal care and management. Our in-house veterinarian provides medical care for animals in our facility.


In June of 2018, our Community Vet Clinic was launched. This much-needed program enables responsible pet owners to get otherwise-inaccessible medical care for their pet.

The Lehigh County Humane Society is the only animal shelter that provides financial assistance to responsible pet owners in the Lehigh Valley through our Community Vet Clinic. We believe that a lack of financial agency does not equal a lack of love for a pet; nor does it mean that an individual does not deserve the joy of a pet because he or she does not have the financial resources for expensive procedures. We recognize that the largest barrier that exists between an individual and responsible pet ownership is access to affordable, high-quality veterinary care that is given with dignity and without bias to loving and responsible pet owners.

Current Challenges

Our current challenge is to raise the funds needed to renovate and expand the dog areas of our shelter. Almost 60 years old, they are in sad shape . The Capital Campaign will also include building an open play area for the dogs, expanding and upgrading our clinic, modernizing our stray hold areas, building catios, upgrading our waste management system and building a memorial garden. All of these improvements will provide cost savings and efficiencies. One of the most important components of this effort will be the expansion of our clinic so that quality veterinary care can be provided at an affordable price. Please help us make this important 21st century leap.